30 January 2011

January challenges ...

Time to upload a couple of layouts I've done for various challenges this month. Again not as many as I would have liked but with school holidays and vacation time away guess I shouldn't complain - at least I managed to get some done.

This one is for Kraft it Up - a summer theme this month.  I used some photographs I hadn't scrapped from a holiday at Port Stephens some years ago.

Another Summer theme for Scrap the Girls - had some great photos Rachel took of her girlfriends at Terrigal beach.

One for Stuck Sketches.  I don't have that many pictures of Rachel with her Grandparents.  When she was little they owned a coffee shop which was a 7 day a week business so we didn't get to see that much of them.

This one for the ABC Challenge at Scrap Savy.  Love this picture of Rachel and Christopher - before sibling rivalry set in lol!

28 January 2011

How cute are these ...

If you like these little beauties as much as I do hurry across to Purple Pumpkin Crafts and enter their draw to win them.  Cute, cute, cute!!!

26 January 2011

Australia Day ...

Happy Australia Day ...   a time of reflection on who we are, where we've come from and to ponder on how lucky we are.

24 January 2011

Coffs Harbour holiday ...

Had a lovely week in Coffs Harbour.  We were so lucky with the weather - apparently is rained solidly for the first two weeks of January and everyone was complaining about not being able to get out and about.  We had only a couple of days where it dirzzled on and off (nothing to worry over) and we had two fantastic overnight storms.

08 January 2011

"Your Place in the Sun" begins ...

After much planning and thinking and thinking and planning and doing ..... I'm really thrilled to be able to post the very first lesson in Your Place in the Sun on my other blog Scrap Beginnings.  I so hope this is a fun class and we can all learn a lot about our own communities as well as those of others around Australia and indeed the world.  There will be monthly prizes and in fact I will also be doing a little min album as a special bonus to class.  So if you haven't already done so please stop on by and check us out.

Here is one of my inspiration layouts that feature in the first lesson.

02 January 2011

One Little Word ...

I'm excited to be starting class with Ali Edwards this month.  I've followed along with her annual search for the perfect word these past few years and was really thrilled to discover she was intending to expand on this theme and run a 12 month class over on Big Picture Classes.  It will not only be a wonderful project but an interesting way to focus and re-focus each month with a small project on the word we have chosen for 2011.

My word is Change -  Lots of change will be happening around me this year which ultimately will impact on me individually and my family as a unit. It's good change though - time to move forward with life, time to refocus and grow. It will be a great year - I can feel it.

01 January 2011

One for the one's ...

It's 1/1/11 and we only get one chance to say that.  Happy New Year everyone.
11/11/11 will be an auspicious day - imagine there will be lots (and lots) of weddings.  How would you like to be the guy who forgets his wedding anniversary???

So Happy New Year to you and yours ...

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

this year, i hope to ...

enjoy everyday life more
be grateful for what I have

worry less

say no more often

read more

spend quality time with the family

take life less seriously