28 June 2009

How ......

Random thoughts for the weekend:-

* How is it when you are having a well earned sleep-in the phone has to ring and you're the only silly bunny who will get up to answer it even though child #2 is sitting 3 meters from it?

* How many times can you ask a teenager to pick up the wet towels off the bathroom floor and hang them up before it finally sinks in?

* How come when you go to a movie session - the kids from hell have to sit right behind you even when the cinema is 3/4 empty?

* How is it that it's Ok to interrupt me in the middle of doing something but is not Ok when it's dh?

* How do the 48 hours of a weekend flash past so quickly it feels like only 12?

25 June 2009


Thought I'd share this stunning sunset with you. There's a certain time late of an afternoon as the setting sun hits a particular spot on the horizon when the world becomes bathed in golden light. I was lucky enough to capture that few minutes of beauty the other evening. The eucalyptus trees in the National Park behind our house looked sensational.

21 June 2009

Crop Day

Had a lovely day to myself (and 20+ other ladies) at a crop day yesterday. A group I associate with hold these every second month and I must admit I look forward to each and every one as some special "me" time. I know I can scrapbook at home but the atmosphere and friendly warmth makes these events different- you spend time with like minded people, network socially as well as do some quality scrapping. I managed to get 10 layouts completed (or near completed with perhaps just a little polishing off at home yet to do) as well as eat lunch and have endless coffee and tea while chatting the hours away with friends. What more could a girl want?

19 June 2009

A beginning ....

I can't believe it has taken me most of this morning to set this up; so much for a quick, easy 5 minutes. Admittedly a large chunk of this wasted time was taken up trying to find a suitable blog name. Wow how difficult was that !! I wanted this blog to not just be about me but about my family as well - where I could share the happenings in our lives; the successes and achievement of all of us. Yet I still wanted to showcase my scrapping and family history and the things that I do and are important to me. I bandied about with so many words and combinations of words all of which were already taken until frustrated I decided it was coffee time. Then standing pouring water into the mug I realised I was over thinking it all and I needed to go back to what I thought of originally (Pieces of Us) and work from there with what was available. So after a few misses I came to "Scrap Pieces of Me" which although doesn't include the family "us" I reason since I am the one who will be doing the blogging and the entries will come from my perspective; suits just fine.

So welcome to "Scrap Pieces of Me". I hope you enjoy this journey I am about to embark upon.