31 December 2010

Top 10 of 2010 ...

Thought it might be fun to show my top 10 favourite layouts from 2010.

Don't we all want a way to use those tiny little school portrait pictures?

Just really like how this one came together - even the sewing of the circle was fun.

Another digi layout I am particularly fond of - done for a challenge and very tongue in cheek.

Probably my favourite of the year - one where you just sigh when it's finished because the process was so satisfying.

Love the simplity of this layout and in particular the eyes of my children.  It was definitely a case of where I wanted the picture to be more meaningful than the design.

This was done back in April for my MIL's birthday - I just totally love it.

This was the case where the only picture of the event I had was not a great one but rather than let that get in the way of  doing a layout I worked with it - really happy with the result.

I don't usually work with paint but splattering on the background really worked with this.  Again a tiny portrait photo finds a home!

I find I'm doing more and more digital layouts especially when I am time poor - love this happy layout.

and yep 10 is missing - its for this months FS2S DT submission and hasn't been released yet.

and here it is ...

The challenge this month on From Screen 2 Scrap is a great one.  Check it out.

I'm late again ...

Nothing like submitting at the eleventh hour - well nearly - I guess technically I have til midnight but I hope to be doing other things by then :).

This layout is one for Kraft It Up - if I had time I would probably play with it a bit more but since I don't, I won't and it will have to do as is.  Love the Christmas thumbs up from my son.

This one is for the December challenge on Scrap the Boys.  The challenge was a little bit left of center this month asking us to scrap a layout about our boys strutting their stuff either in general or on the dance floor… and scrap whether he is a dancer or a prancer….  I had to think long and hard about this one as my boy isn't a dancer or a prancer but is rather musical so twisted this to show him performing with the drum circle from school.

21 December 2010

A little bit of scrapping ...

I haven't done much scrapping this month - I think I'm in withdrawal.  Can't wait to get back into it once Christmas is all over.

I've done a couple of digital layouts.  The first is for Artastic.  This one really had me thinking outside the square.  How on earth was I going to get both a manger and angel into a layout and then I suddenly realised that Christopher had made both way back in Year 1 for Christmas craft.  I just had to use them.

The second is for Scrap the Girls where we were asked to create a layout using only ONE set of complementary colours - either red and green, blue and orange or yellow and violet and small amounts of neutral colours.

Mine is using red and green.

16 December 2010

Road to Bethlehem ...

12 to 14 December saw the annual Road to Bethlehem held at the school.  Three nights of performances and food, markets and festive fun.  This year Christopher was fully involved in the pageant performance being part of the final scene.  It meant starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 10.45pm.  A performance every 10 minutes and not a lot of time to recoup between scenes.  He did  really well but by the end of the three nights he was totally exhausted.  In fact the morning after I sent an email to John saying "Mark one for the calendar - your son just woke up at 10 to 9 !!!!!!! He hasn't done that since he was 8 months old!!"

15 December 2010

HSC results ...

Pleased and proud to say Rachel achieved outstanding results in her Higher School Certificate.

She did brilliantly – two band 6’s (Ancient History and Information Processes and Technology – only student at her school to get two), three band 5’s (Advanced English, Advanced Maths, Religion) and 1 x band 4 (Art – she was one mark off a Band 5 - Grrrrr!!). She has an ATAR (old UAI) of 86.7 so with the "local area" bonus 4 points they get applying to the local university she has a 90.7 entry to play with which basically means she can get into anything she wants - which is the BA in Visual Communications at Newcastle Uni.  She honestly thought she didn't have a chance of achieving the 73.3 cut off required for this course even accounting for the bonus points - she was totally stunned she had done so well.

She really deserves it as she put a lot of hard work and effort in and was very focused these past two years and in particular this one - did it all while working two nights a week and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months (he did exceptionally well too with a Band 6 in Biology and several Band 5's - he wants to do a Science degree). Can honestly say though that I don't wish to repeat this year again any time soon and am grateful we have a spacer of five years until we have to with ds, it's been stressful and challenging experience and both John and I have ridden every bump and every slide in the HSC journey with her, it's not been easy but the old saying of you get out what you put in rings very true!

She also achieved for the second year in a row the Information Technology Excellence Award at the school presentation night.  Again the stunned expression on her face said it all.

13 December 2010

A dose of Ayden ...

Christopher got to spend some time with Ayden - pure joy.  The Cook family came to stay at Star of the Sea at Terrigal for a few days and Chris managed a sleep over there with them and Ayden came here for a night.  These two boys have not let distance come between a friendship - Ayden being in Melbourne.  They chat by phone every one to two weeks and co-ordinate the playing of online games with each other.  We have just set Chris up with Skype so he and Ayden can chat online next year.  These two are firm friends.

11 December 2010

One way to aMUSE yourself ...

Rachel went with friend Quirky (Jasmine)  to see Muse in concert at Acer Arena last night.  Said it was fantastic, loved the show, took heaps and heaps of pictures.  I'll admit I don't even know who they are but hey, she doesn't know who Dire Straits is either!!

01 December 2010

Design Team ...

Thrilled to announce that I have been selected to join the Design Team for From Screen to Scrap.

This delightful monthly challenge site takes inspiration from some of the most wonderful movie posters - old classics like Casablanca to modern graphically designed Sherlock Holmes.  Fantastic prizes to be had each month.

The December Inspiration  comes to you from The Nightmare Before Christmas - a little bit spooky and a tiny bit seasonal (we'll let's be honest - it's a LOT spooky!).

Added criteria for an extra 7 Bonus Points

use all items and receive a bonus 3 pts = 10 pts max

Note: Each item is worth 1pt

1. Pumpkin/s

2. Large moon

3. Jack - Skeleton

4. Spooky tree

5. Fence

6. Yellow/purple colors

7. Large Swirl

If you haven't been to From Screen to Scrap the please check us out.

and here is my layout for this challenge