30 January 2014

Scrap Our Stash in January ...

Had a play in on of the Scrap Our Stash challenges for January.

Countdown Challenge

Your challenge this month is to:
Here's how this challenge works:
Create a layout and you must add….
(5) of one item 
(4) of another item
(3) of one more item
(2) of yet another item
(1) RUB ON!!!

I have

5 x chipboard embellishments
4 x Rhinestones
3 x patterned paper pieces
2 x cardstock
1 x rub on

A new challenge ...

This is my first time playing along at Scrapstuffz "Inspired by" challenges.  They have a delightful inspiration picture which really caught my eye.

I admit I really love inspiration type challenges.  I like that they leave you open to interpreting the pieces as you would like and it is fun seeing how other people see things.  No two layouts in these types of challenges are ever the same.

To me this picture was all about the flowers and the colours it contained.

Show us your stuff in January ...

Show us your stuff has an interesting mood board for their challenge this month.  We were free to take from it what we would and add in something handmade of course.

Jan 2014

I was particularly drawn to the colours - the lime and teal in the "New Year" and the bright pink in the fireworks and have based my layout around this combination.  I have used flowers cut from an old tablecloth to make some of the embellishments.  Really happy with this bright, colourful page.

24 January 2014

Orange Paperie for January ...

The first challenge for the year on Orange Paperie & Co is all about friendship.

Annette says "Welcome to the New Year, have you made a resolution or are you like me and just winging it?  In line with the beginning of this year I thought that a nice challenge would be Friendship with journalling. This could be about old friends, new, the choice is yours".

It took me quite a while to decide which way I would swing with this challenge.  I've done a number of pages about friendships I have had (and still have) as an adult but I have not done many about my friendships as a child, in particular those turbulent years as a teenager.  Those friendships were intense and sometimes troubled. 

They rose and fell like a boat upon the waves ...

14 January 2014

A Yes moment ...

Do you ever randomly come across something when surfing the net that really speaks to you?  I had that happen today .. came across this delightful quote on a friend's blog I had not heard before and instantly went - yes!!

My Favorite Quote:

05 January 2014

Every new wonder ...

It's January and the them this month on Scrap the Boys is  to create a layout featuring something new in your males life.

When I think about it, almost everything in the life of a two year is new - life is new after all and discovery is the name of the game.  It was like this one day when my son found water coming out of the down pipe.  He was totally fascinated in the whole process - you could almost hear the cogs in his brain going around and around trying to process the "why" and the "how" .... luckily I captured this on my camera.

02 January 2014

Experience 2014 ...

One of my laments from 2013 was that it flashed past us all so quickly, I struggled to find time to stop and fully smell the roses.

My One Little Word for 2014 is experience.  I truly want to experience what life has to offer this year, not simply live it.  I want to find time to pause every now and again and concentrate on what I am doing, to savour the moment and learn from it.  I'd like to find the time for those roses!

ARTastic for January ...

The first inspiration for 2014 for ARTastic is up and running on our blog.  I think you will all like this one :)

Amazing street art by Vexta

The criteria is to use triangles or diamonds on your page and you really should pop over to the blog to see the varied layouts created by the first half of the design team.  Some wonderful inspiration from our talented creative team.

Here is my take on this challenge.

01 January 2014

A little December LPS in January ...

Wonders will never cease!  I had some "me" time today and in honour of such a momentous occasion I celebrated by completing my first scrapbooking layout for 2014 -  for Life Paper Scrapbook.

The sketch challenge ...

and my take on the sketch ...