19 June 2009

A beginning ....

I can't believe it has taken me most of this morning to set this up; so much for a quick, easy 5 minutes. Admittedly a large chunk of this wasted time was taken up trying to find a suitable blog name. Wow how difficult was that !! I wanted this blog to not just be about me but about my family as well - where I could share the happenings in our lives; the successes and achievement of all of us. Yet I still wanted to showcase my scrapping and family history and the things that I do and are important to me. I bandied about with so many words and combinations of words all of which were already taken until frustrated I decided it was coffee time. Then standing pouring water into the mug I realised I was over thinking it all and I needed to go back to what I thought of originally (Pieces of Us) and work from there with what was available. So after a few misses I came to "Scrap Pieces of Me" which although doesn't include the family "us" I reason since I am the one who will be doing the blogging and the entries will come from my perspective; suits just fine.

So welcome to "Scrap Pieces of Me". I hope you enjoy this journey I am about to embark upon.

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