09 April 2010

Priorities ...

Some days I really wish I could write like Ali Edwards or Cathy Zielski. I swing past their blogs as part of my daily routine and I am usually blown away by some poetic turn of phrase or heartfelt journaling. Today Cathy is talking about old family photographs and how the emphasis in the past was to take less pictures of people and more of the scenery about them. Oh Cathy I so know what you mean. I go through the packets of photographs inherited from my own parents and sometimes sadly shake my head. There are so many tiny, tiny box brownie squares of garden beds and church spires, open country roads and eucalyptus trees and then when I come across a single picture of my parents or Grandparents from those mid 20th century days, I just want to grab it and hug it to my chest as it is such a rare event and oh so precious to me. The trees are nice but I don't know where they are, the garden beds are pretty I guess (as much as they can be in black and white) but to see more smiling faces of people long gone and barely remembered would be such a gift. The scenery is relevant I guess but in the overall scheme of things for me it's the people that are important.

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