07 June 2010

Adding them in ...

Every so often I like to do a layout or two for one of my more obscure scrapbooking albums. "Obscure" because I don't get to work on producing for these as much as I do for the normal kids and family albums I have as ongoing. My 'Honeymoon' album is one of these - I started it some years ago as a companion to the daily written journal we kept of our six months around the world. In that pre digital camera era John made the decision to take mainly slides as the preferred and cheaper photography option and we came home with over 500 of them which, I guess, was fairly impressive for the period. I'm certainly not trying to cover 500 photographs in this album - more a highlight series of our trip, devoting one or two double pages (or 4 singles) to each major location. It is a slow process and not done in any particular order but one I enjoy. Last night I managed to add in a page on Venice (Italy) and one for Holland.

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