09 November 2010

Songs as memories ...

Today's prompt is about looking around for inspiration in two ways - borrowing formats for your writing as well as finding topics that you might want to explore.

Today's projects include:

*Writing as a sportscaster describing an event in real time.

*Using your music collection set to play at random to help get your pen writing about lots of different memories.

*Describing a location as if you were writing for a travel guide rather than narrating a slide show.

I don't have a huge repertoire of music that "means" something to me - I think there are probably only a dozen or so songs that cast me back to specific times and events in my life - some of them intensely personal.  My husband and I don't even have a song that we specifically call "ours" like many couples do - sure there is music we both like and songs that we relate to but not one that was playing for a first dance or when he asked me to marry him or even one we used at our wedding (we used traditional wedding music) so music doesn't instantly open the floodgate of memories for me.

The few that do oddly bring back some vivid teenage moments - of frustrated love and heartfelt angst.  Of hot summers and back seats of cars and mushy kisses and sweaty hands.  Of tears and hurt, of girlfriends, gossip and notes passed across class.  Of rumours and breakups and furtive glances across rooms.  Of thick frothy milkshakes, and hot chips with chicken salt, kids piled into a cafe booth on a Saturday night.  Fogged up car windows at the drive in, birthday parties in backyards, bonfires and BBQ's and a time when it all felt so right.

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