02 March 2012

Not enough and too much time on my hands ...

These past few months I feel like my mojo has not only taken leave - it has left the country altogether.  I just don't seem to find enough hours in the day to get done what I need to do and my scrapping has taken not only a back seat, I think it has been sent around the corner and half way down the block!!

I just wonder how other people manage to get it all done - wish I knew the secret, I truly do.  I have SO much I want to get done and I am constantly pushing it get just the day to day stuff out of the way.  Guess it doesn't help that I am on the road for two hours every day doing the school run over and back and I also have another 8 or hours a week basically waiting at squad swimming or tuition for ds.  The only positive in this apart from the enjoyment and improvement my son gets from the activities he undertakes is that I get to read --- a lot!!  I average some 2 books a week, sometimes more, depending on how exciting the read is and how many pages it contains.

My latest book was Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton -  I've been a long time fan of Mr Hamilton and eagerly awaited his latest "Alex McKnight" mystery.  It was worth the wait.  Steve Hamilton is good, really good at what he does.  It's not flashy or forced - he doesn't use any gimmicks, just plain honest writing and a riveting storyline.  Misery Bay was excellent, a total page turner and with enough atmosphere you could cut it with a knife.  Can't wait for the next exciting installment.

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