09 October 2012

Going underground ...

Another month and another layout completed from my pile of Honeymoon photographs.  I am truly beginning to think this was one of my less than brilliant ideas and perhaps leaving them as slides might have been a better solution.  However the problem is once you start .... well you sort of are obliged to finish:)

So since I'm plodding through these I decided to use a visit to Monkton Farleigh in Wiltshire, England as my theme for Julene's inspiration challenge over on Arch--Scraps.

Monkton Farleigh was a fascinating tourist stop.  Certainly not somewhere we probably would have ventured by ourselves but due to local knowledge (we were staying with family) it was a great way to pass a few hours. Sadly it is no longer open to the public and has fallen prey to vandalism and decay.
I took inspiration from the corrugated tin and the rustic colours seen in the Mad Max 2 Museum and transferred this to my layout using corrugated cardboard, kraft cardstock and a rust glimmer mist sprayed across the base.
Keep em coming Julene - I'll get this album finished eventually!!


Julene Matthews said...

Your rusty glimmer mist looks fab.I must get some of that.Also like what you've done with the corrugated cardboard.Your whole layout is evocative of the photo.

Fresh Delight said...

I like how you used the cardboard in it.

Pssst. thanks for ypou post!

DebiJ said...

Fabulous page Jane!! I must have a look at this place on the net...sounds fascinating!

diane hasthorpe said...

This layout looks great. The photos really draw you in. Love how you have used the corrugated cardboard and glimmer mist. Thank you for your uplifting comments, Jane. They were very appreciated. Have a great week, cheers, Di