23 September 2013

Sketchbook 365 ...

I've often dropped into Sketchbook 365 and soaked up some of the lovely inspiration they have on offer on the blog but as yet I have not ever partaken in one of their challenges ... until today.

This month's sketch is based on a layout by Lisa Saunders and I finally decided to take the plunge and do a layout of my own.:

I'm really partial to vintage layouts - I sometimes feel they say so much more in a single photograph than a truckload of modern days digital images.  In the days of old black and whites you only had the one chance to capture something meaningful - no reshooting, no zapping off another dozen quick shots - a once only opportunity and no way to know if what you had captured was acceptable until days or even weeks later.
Digital Supplies:  Scarlett Letter by Gennifer Bursett - Pixels and Paper Co
This my Grandmother and her sister - they came to Australia from England in the early 1900's - one settling on the far north coast of NSW and the other in the far west.  Getting together wasn't quite like it is today - no fast trains, no quick weekend jaunts to visit.  Seeing each other was a rare occurrence, even speaking on the telephone was reserved for those special occasions of birthdays and Christmas.  Communication was via letters, written with great care and sent with love.  I often wonder what it must have been like for two sisters with similar hopes and dreams who had come so far from their birthplace together to settle in a strange land and then be kept apart by circumstance. 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this layout Jane :D The colours are stunning as are the details....but, the story is a remarkable one and perfect for a scrapbook page. I am so glad that you decided to join us at Sketchbook365 for this challenge. I do hope it won't be the last :)

Linda Iswariah said...

Simply beautiful Jane! Thank you for joining us at Sketchbook365!