20 February 2014

10 things with Jennifer ...

Jennifer Wilson is undertaking a new workshop at Big Picture Classes called Before Your Story which sounds not only like a lot of fun but a seriously worthwhile project for those of you who haven't completed an album about your own life.

I have done pages about my younger years but fully recognise I do need to get more stories about "me" into my scrapbooking albums.

square_250A little prelude to the class is a blog hop with a difference where Jennifer shares 34 stories (in honour of her years on this planet of ours) of things she wants her daughter to know about her which didn't quite make it into the album for the workshop and she's invited us to join her in making our own lists.

I'm not sure I want to try a list quite as long as my age (lol) and even 34 things might give me pause for concern but I think I can handle 10, so 10 it is.

1.  I was a mean volley ball player in my youth.  Can't say I was ever sporty at school (I did what I had to do!) but for some reason I really liked playing volley ball and was good at it.

2.  I was the only kid at my high school to ever drop maths for the Higher School Certificate - apparently it was unheard of and created quite a storm when I did so.

3.  One of the first dates I had with your father was riding around an open range zoo on push bikes - I nearly died!!  It wasn't until we were returning the bikes to the hire place that your Dad informed me he was a prior youth cycling champion !!!

4.  When I took my very first plane ride I didn't do things by halves ... I traveled from Sydney (Australia) to Vancouver (Canada) all by myself.

5.  From the time I left the family home after completing school until setting up with your Dad after we were married, I had lived in 12 different locations.

6.  I have always lived at an address with a number 3 or a number 7 and in the present case one with both a 7 and a 3!  The only exception was when I lived on a rural property where the identification was by name rather than number.

7.  I am terrified of heights - have been from a young age.  I went on this cable car to reach Mt Pilatus in Switzerland while on my honeymoon and the only thing I remember is sitting in the middle of the floor with my arms wrapped around a central pole hyper-ventilating.

8.  I'm none too keen on snakes either.  That comes from many close calls while living on a farm as a kid.

9.  I would have liked to have become a librarian - I have a deep and abiding love of literature but circumstance got in my way and it never came to be.

10.  Having a daughter and son I count as one of the most fulfilling and sometimes most frustrating things I have done in my life but I would not have it any other way and count my blessings daily.

Hope you take the challenge too.

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