02 April 2014

All dressed up for Easter ...

It's April on Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog and Easter month and we are taking a trip back down memory lane to when Easter meant dressing up and wearing bonnets and gloves were the normal thing to do.  Do you member those days or have photographs in the family album of your parents or grandparents looking like these three darling little girls as they celebrate Easter.

Yet this photograph isn't all about Easter, it's about fashion from another era, it's about being outside on a cool day.  It's about green, manicured lawns and orderly gardens.  It's about a neighbourhood of houses and middle class families.  It's about having sisters (siblings) and spending time with them.

What is this photograph about to you?

Here is my take on the challenge ...

I can remember dressing up for Sunday church - frilly white dresses with fancy petticoats, hair curled, neat and tidy with bow attached and fancy polished shoes with cute white ankle socks.  I'd carry a little handbag, inside a clean, pressed handkerchief and a token coin for me to drop carefully into the collection plate.  In winter I had a bright red coat my Mum would button me into and off we would go to meet the aunts and uncles for morning service.  My layout reflects the colours in the photograph - the olive, tan and blue tones of the girls coats and the lace trim for the sweet little bonnets the girls are wearing.  

We'd love to have you come and join in with us this month.

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