16 October 2014

A little Child's Play in October ....

Child's Play Challenges will now be posted on the 1st and 15th of the month
and you will have the whole month to enter the challenges. 

15th challenge

Our challenge today is brought to you by Alice in Wonderland.  If you're not familiar with this story, it's about a girl named Alice who falls down into a rabbit hole and enters a fantasy world full of peculiar creatures. Talk about a plethora of inspiration, right?!?

and here is my page ...

What is Alice in Wonderland without a Mad Hatter's tea party?

Hope you can swing past and play along with us.  

1st challenge

 It's time for a classic toy challenge.  Do you remember this song?

All around the mulberry bush, 
the monkey chased the weasel
the monkey thought
it was all in good fun
Pop! Goes the weasel

Or do you just remember 
Jack in the Box?

 Do you have a memory about this toy? Did you know the words to the song? Does it remind you of something in your stash? We would like you to create a LO inspired by Jack in the Box. 
Here is how our team was inspired. For more information about their layouts, click on their name for a link to their blog.

Here is my page ...

This little guy reminded me very much of a clown toy my daughter had as a little person.  Her clown had lots of dressing skills attached to him/her to help her learn new and exciting skills.

Hope you can play along with us this month.

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