02 April 2016

An ANZAC tribute ...

Our April artwork at ARTastic this month is pretty special.  It is by  Josh Miels and is called We will remember them.

CRITERIA -  The use of Typography on your page - let those letters shine!

ANZAC Day is our memorial day where we remember those who gave their lives in wartime. Your page doesn't have to be about this topic of course - you can use anything that inspires you from the artwork - the monochromatic colours, the use of a larger portrait, the masculine feel of this work etc. With the Typography aspect I just mean to use words/letters in such a way they are a focal point on your page - this can be with patterned paper or the use of an alphabet in your title or on your page somehow. It can simply be the significant use of journaling.

Here is a little sneal peek at my page which will go live of the 15th.

Hope you can call past our blog and play along with us sometime this month.  We;d love to see your take on this inspiration.

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