10 October 2009

Going around and around ....

John rode in the World Masters Games today. We all went down to cheer him on (well we didn't actually do a lot of cheering but we were there to lend support !). The atmosphere was quite good - lots of competitors in the centre of the track and it was really amazing to see the velodrome in person and to fully realise how steep those sides were. The crowd ( er what crowd ??) was disappointing to say the least - in fact I think there were more people competing and volunteering and serving in the cafe then actually spectating - really poor advertising and promoting from the organisers.

John had fun - I think he knew that he was in it for the experience and didn't expect to actually place in anything (at least I hope that's what he thought) and he did well considering he has only been on his bike for 6m after some 16 years and then it was a brief season so realistically he has ridden competitively since his youth and we won't go into how long ago that was !!!

He rode in the 500m time trial and then the sprint race.

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