18 October 2009

So what's been happening around here ....

I went to a crop on Friday night - it was a charity one in aid of SIDS so I participated in the auction and came away with a pack of paper (just what I needed !!) but it was money to a good cause so can't complain. It was fun actually, they did quick make and takes of cards and had guessing competitions and lucky door prizes etc. A good evening all round.

Yesterday was a clean up and do an few things around the house kind of day and I did a few loads of wash. Mid afternoon I thought I'd have a 30 minute lie down and finish off a book I was reading only to wake up several hours later - oh no! - I'm not starting on the nanna naps am I? So of course last night I was wide awake so stayed up really late trying to catch up on a few overdue projects and then read for a bit in bed and before I knew it the clock said 2am.

Today is a quiet day - we always relax on a Sunday if we aren't going out somewhere for the day. It is overcast atm and it looks like it could rain at any minute. My dd comes home this afternoon having been away to camp for the last 10 days - it has been incredibly quiet around here without her. Guess I will have another few loads of washing to do tonight - she never comes home with anything clean.

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