30 November 2009

A sandy situation ...

Today Christopher's school class went to a Surf Lifesaving Day at Terrigal beach. It was primarily to teach the kids sound beach skills - swim between the flags, how to get themselves out of a rip, basic lifesaving skills, suncare plus a few beach games - volleyball and races thrown in for good measure. Sound like fun??

In car on way home after school ....

Me - So how was it?

CJ - Oh it was alright I guess.

Me - Only alright? So what was wrong?

CJ - the sand.

Me - Oh !!! (Smiling) So you're not a beach person then?

CJ - Nah - there's too much sand and there are way too many dangerous things.

Me - OK so I guess you prefer to be in a swimming pool then.

CJ - Yeah, a pool is much more fun and nothing dangerous there except drowning.

Yep guess drowning would take the fun right out of it !!!

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