09 November 2009

Spent the weekend in Port Stephen's attending the first Kim Archer Scrapbooking Retreat. The weather was cool and with light drizzle for much of the weekend with the sun finally coming out on Sunday morning. My feelings were similar. I was expecting a lot and value for the large $$ outlay the weekend cost me and to be honest I can't say it totally delivered for me. There were some aspects that were great however there were some things I felt weren't; it was a shame really as a lot of time and effort was put into it by the organisers but I just felt they were preoccupied with all the little things and didn't attend to the big picture enough. One of the biggest problems was that Kim picked a wedding reception venue rather than a conference venue and the lighting was terrible for close craft work. Rather than rectangular tables there were large round ones (with too many people placed per table) and just not enough room to spread out your work and supplies. She also badly estimated the time that would be spent on each workshop so there was this constant feeling of being rushed and not being able to give enough attention to detail to your work. Hope she manages to iron out the bugs for next year's participants.

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