05 February 2010

And the heavens opened ...

Went to lunch today with a girlfriend at Iguana's on the Gosford waterfront. Just as we started on our garlic bread the heavens opened and a huge thunderstorm proceeded to drop heavy rain across the Central Coast. It thundered and rumbled, there were huge flashes of forked lightening. The rain came down in sheets and then suddenly there was a massive clap of thunder overhead and everything went dark - blackout !! The worst area affected was from West Gosford through to East Gosford where every traffic light was out of commission and there was deep water across the roads. Police were called in to do point duty at major intersections and many businesses were forced to shut down due to lack of power. Drivers took more than an hour to cover just a few kilometres. Of course this storm coincided with the end of the school day which created even more problems. A journey from Iguana's to my kid's school is normally a 5 to 10 minute run; on Friday it took nearly 50.

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