02 February 2010

A sticky situation ...

CJ came home today laden with books from school.

"These have to be covered Mum," he says.

"Covered??" I squeak weakly.

"Yep - in contact," he replies.

"Groan," is my response. I hate contacting books, hate it, hate it, hate it. In fact I think I am the WORST contacter of books in the southern hemisphere. Definite "Fail" plastered all over my achievements - wrinkles, bubbles, holes - you name it, I can come up with it.

"Tonight?" I ask tentatively glancing at the front door wondering if I can make a quick getaway without anyone noticing.

"Uh - huh," he tells me.

"Double groan".

I do two - they look like crud. So bad - I try the third, it's worse than the others. I pull the contact off. Cut another bit, realise I misjudged size and it's too narrow. Throw that away. Cut another piece, try to get that on - it wrinkles up and as I'm pulling it off for another try it attaches itself to the other adhesive section and I can't get it apart. I ball the whole thing up and chuck that too. Things aren't looking good at the kitchen table - I'm using words that shouldn't be used in my own company and I'm eyeing off the pile of books still sitting there wondering who I can rope into doing them at 9pm at night.

Enter hubby who realises that a meltdown of monumental proportion is about to happen and takes over - bless his wonderful little cotton socks. I knew there was a reason I married him. His contact covering is in the C+ category but is one heck of an improvement on mine.

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McMGrad89 said...

In Texas, the schools provide paper book covers with lines for cutting and folding. The students usually cover them at school. Many of my students bring these nylon book covers that stretch over the book and require no cutting or taping. Next year look up "stretchable book covers." The cost will be worth the heartache.