15 December 2010

HSC results ...

Pleased and proud to say Rachel achieved outstanding results in her Higher School Certificate.

She did brilliantly – two band 6’s (Ancient History and Information Processes and Technology – only student at her school to get two), three band 5’s (Advanced English, Advanced Maths, Religion) and 1 x band 4 (Art – she was one mark off a Band 5 - Grrrrr!!). She has an ATAR (old UAI) of 86.7 so with the "local area" bonus 4 points they get applying to the local university she has a 90.7 entry to play with which basically means she can get into anything she wants - which is the BA in Visual Communications at Newcastle Uni.  She honestly thought she didn't have a chance of achieving the 73.3 cut off required for this course even accounting for the bonus points - she was totally stunned she had done so well.

She really deserves it as she put a lot of hard work and effort in and was very focused these past two years and in particular this one - did it all while working two nights a week and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months (he did exceptionally well too with a Band 6 in Biology and several Band 5's - he wants to do a Science degree). Can honestly say though that I don't wish to repeat this year again any time soon and am grateful we have a spacer of five years until we have to with ds, it's been stressful and challenging experience and both John and I have ridden every bump and every slide in the HSC journey with her, it's not been easy but the old saying of you get out what you put in rings very true!

She also achieved for the second year in a row the Information Technology Excellence Award at the school presentation night.  Again the stunned expression on her face said it all.

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