31 December 2010

Top 10 of 2010 ...

Thought it might be fun to show my top 10 favourite layouts from 2010.

Don't we all want a way to use those tiny little school portrait pictures?

Just really like how this one came together - even the sewing of the circle was fun.

Another digi layout I am particularly fond of - done for a challenge and very tongue in cheek.

Probably my favourite of the year - one where you just sigh when it's finished because the process was so satisfying.

Love the simplity of this layout and in particular the eyes of my children.  It was definitely a case of where I wanted the picture to be more meaningful than the design.

This was done back in April for my MIL's birthday - I just totally love it.

This was the case where the only picture of the event I had was not a great one but rather than let that get in the way of  doing a layout I worked with it - really happy with the result.

I don't usually work with paint but splattering on the background really worked with this.  Again a tiny portrait photo finds a home!

I find I'm doing more and more digital layouts especially when I am time poor - love this happy layout.

and yep 10 is missing - its for this months FS2S DT submission and hasn't been released yet.

and here it is ...

The challenge this month on From Screen 2 Scrap is a great one.  Check it out.

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