25 April 2011

Anzac Day and Easter Monday ...

It's the 25th of April - Anzac Day and the Monday of the Easter long weekend.

It's wet, it's cool ... so what do you do on a day like today.

1.  You remember men who fought and gave their lives in the name of freedom and democracy and doing what was right.  You remember those that came home but still are tormented by what they did and what they saw.  You hope that someday we will all wake up and realise doing what these brave men and woman did isn't the answer.

2.  You buy fish and chips for lunch cause it's cold and it seems like a great idea.  You sit as a family and watch Wallace and Grommet because it is about rabbits and after all it is Easter.  You have a couple of quiet hours chuckling and feeling good about life.

3.  You do some work in the study which you share with dh and you listen to some good music.

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