16 April 2011

Clock not so wise ...

Kids really do say the funniest things at times.

It is sort of a family tradition when we occasionally get one of these ..

to sit around the table and take turns to scratch off an icon in the hope of winning it big someday.  We never have (I think $10 has been our largest earnings) but it is a fun filled 15 minutes spent as a family.  There is much gnashing of teeth as we get tantalising close (or fail dismally).  We did this activity today, all sat down at the table.  Hubby with scratchy in front of him, coins at the ready. 

I'm going next says ds sitting on the left side of dh.

We're going clockwise say dh.

Oh say ds disappointment oozing out of every pore.

That means you, you dufuss says dd - eyes raised to the ceiling and pained expression on face.

Oh says ds - beaming !!

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