01 September 2011

Learn Something New Everyday - 2011

It is THAT time of year again - the time when all good scrapbookers head over to Shimelle and participate in Learning Something New .... Everyday

Shimelle has been doing this class now since 2006.  She focuses on just one sentence and maybe one photo per day for thirty days.

As she says "Learn Something New encourages you to take each day as it comes and find at least one thing in every day that can teach you something. Something big, something small, something funny, something solemn. Some days you might learn a random fact and others might teach you something about patience, determination or reflection. Every day is a new opportunity, and we track it all through things we love: some photographs, a bit of writing and as much pretty paper as we fancy."

It is truly amazing to see how scrappers from all over the world interrupt this class - there are elaborate albums, tiny mini, mini albums, digital versions and simple pages - the sky really is the limit in depth and variety of projects.

Last year I did photographs with a digital overlay and it worked really well for me so I couldn't see a reason to change the format although I have changed the overlay slightly.  At the end of the month I will print these all out and then create some sort of album with them - exactly how is still being mulled over.


Donna G. said...

Love this one! I just finished talking to my daughter about the paper she should have done on Monday when it was assigned. It's due tomorrow. She's writing it now. =)

Britta said...

Yes, that´s real life ;-) Great entry for LSNED.

Fresh Delight said...

I wanne thank you for the support on my blog (on the entree for 'from screen to scrap') I checked your site: your work is lovely!