12 November 2011

Christmas crafting with Shimelle ...

christmas crafting weekend

Yes it is November - you haven't slept a month and Christmas has snuck up on you unawares.  This sort of freaks me out .. not because it's Christmas craft or it's Shimelle but because it is a "in your face" reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and for us in Australia that means school holidays (OMG!!!) and in my case, 7 weeks of them and the summer heat and flies - no not the flies!

But I digress - Shimelle has put together a series of Christmas challenges for those that follow her AND she's also tied this in nicely with her Pretty Paper Party class I have been attempting to do this past month (BTW this class was brilliant - one of her best - do it if you can).

Card Challenge

Create a project with a circle design in the centre (of a card, a scrapbook page or another crafting project) OR create a project using your supplies in a different-than-expected way.

This is a card I made last weekend at a crop day.  There are circles stamped on the base of the card and the ornament is circular in shape.  I've used small pieces of left over paper and cardstock.

Tags Create a holiday gift tag design that’s easy to replicate!

This design is so quick and easy and uses up all those little pieces of scrap.

Cut - Create a project with a design you have cut from patterned paper.

Scrapbooking Wakeup Call

Share a link to a favourite Christmas project you have made – whether it was this year or many years ago (just not something you have made this weekend).

I have two layouts that I very much like - one in paper and one digital but very simple which is my style.

This one uses a photo from Christmas 2001 when my son was 3 and a total live wire.  We had gotten through the two's relatively unscathed only to be greeted with the tumultuous three's in triplicate.  Getting him to sit still for a photo was near impossible on a good day and throw in the excitement of Santa and Christmas and wow - we were in trouble.  This was a rare shot and thereby special.

The next one is a happy photo from Christmas 2009 showing two siblings comfortable in their relationship.  I hope they remain this way for their lifetimes.

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