12 November 2011

A Christmas dilemma ...

It's not often that I am torn but torn I am this year.

Christmas scrapbooking .... yes I know it is ONLY November and here we are talking about ..... not only talking about it but actively participating ...  in it.  Thank you SO much Miss Shimelle and Ali E :)

Last year I started getting my pages ready for December Daily and very nearly completed the prep on them only to decide at the eleventh hour that I really preferred the Journal Your Christmas method of portraying the silly season and went on to do my 2010 album in that vane.  Not that I don't love what Ali does but my family aren't great doers of Christmas stuff and I just worry I won't have enough daily "things" to fill an album - at least I used to worry about that but now I'm convinced that the daily "things" are just as much about Christmas as the Christmassy stuff is!

So this year I find myself with a large box of Christmas scrappy goodness and packets of Christmas scrappy papers - pretty papers you might call them ! - and I'm torn.  Do I use the pages I nearly had ready last year for Ali or do I do a new Journal Your Christmas 2011 album with Shimelle?

The obvious answer is to do them both but my head tells me that could well be a recipe for disaster - doing one major project is hard enough and will  push the boundaries of time and effort at this usually busy time of the year anyway but to attempt two?  I don't know - maybe.  I am toying with using the transparency sheets and then using the digital templates Ali has for this project to create a 6x8 photo montage and then just print these out at a photo lab - a hybrid method might streamline the process, perhaps.

I could then use the cut 6x8 Christmas paper in an album for Shimelle in a more traditional sense ... again perhaps.  What I really need to do is make a decision SOON.

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