23 June 2012

An evening to remember ...

We don't often go out as a couple but when we do I like to make it a memorable occasion. Tonight we went to see Looking through a glass onion with John Waters. I'm not exactly sure what it was I was expecting. I knew it was the story of John Lennon from Beatles days to his too early demise. I knew it was a story told in words as well as through music. I guess what I wasn't totally expecting was how outstandingly great the show was - how mesmerising it was to watch John Waters almost become John Lennon. He didn't try to copy him to be pitch and song perfect - nor did he try to look like him or wear the round glasses or do a tribute show as such. The Liverpool accent was there - the short, witty conversation and keen sense of outlandish and British humour was there. The songs were amazing, the blend of voices with Stewart D'Arrietta incredible.  It was an sensational show.  We loved it.

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