12 May 2013

A quality week with Shimelle (Part D) ...

The final six challenges and my layouts for Shimelle.  Gosh 24 challenges and 24 layouts in a week - that has got to be some sort of record for me!!  Thankyou Shimelle for the fabulous inspiration and the motivation to get these done :)

Challenge 19 - Use some paint

Paint applied with a credit card. (I know I haven't done the journaling as I need to locate some information which currently isn't accessible).

Challenge 20 - Scrapbooking with smaller photos

Using 2 x 3x4

Challenge 21 - Divided page protectors

I have never used a divided page protector for an actual layout but I have to say I really like this method.  The idea is that this divider will sit next to a normal 12x12 layout of my dh cutting his birthday cake.  By doing it this way it has saved me the effort of completing two layouts or of making a double page.  I'll use this technique again :)

Challenge 22 - Scrapbooking with squares

It's all squares!

Challenge 23 - Stretch your supplies

Using tiny scraps from off my desk which would normally be thrown out.
Challenge 24 - Record a milestone

My dd's 11th birthday.

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