15 December 2014

A final Child's Play ...

I am a little sad as this is the final challenge on Child's Play Challenges.  After two years it is time to say goodbye.

This final toy is a classic called Lite Brite

"When Hasbro released its new art toy Lite-Brite in 1967, it was hard to imagine that young artists would become so attached to a little light box. The design was perfectly simple: a grid, backlit by a lightbulb, was covered by black sheets of paper. Kids could poke small, translucent plastic pegs through the paper, causing them to light up in the pattern of their choosing. Since the creation of Lite-Brite, Hasbro has included prepatterned images of Scooby-Doo, Darth Vader, My Little Pony and even Mr. Potato Head. Of course, for each masterly plotted creation a child managed to plug in piece by piece, there were at least a few of the pointy little pegs waiting to be stepped on. It was worth every yelp." Time Magazine

I was inspired to document a spectacular light festival which is held in Sydney (Australia) each year.  It really is amazing seeing the city in vivid detail.

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and may 2015 be all you want it to be.  To all our lovely team members - farewell and thanks for the memories.

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The Color Sisters  using this colour palette   


Sonia said...

So beautiful Lo! Tks a lot to have join us for The Color sisters! Sonia

Enri said...

this page is stunning, I love it!
Thanks for playing wit us @The color sisters ^_^

melania scalfaro said...

What a honour to have you here jane :D Happy new year and thanks for sharinh on the color sisters :D