20 September 2009

How's the serenity? ...

Dale Kerrigan: [voiceover] He loved the serenity of the place
Darryl Kerrigan: Hows the serenity?
Dale Kerrigan: [voiceover] I think he also just loved the word.
Darryl Kerrigan: So much serenity.

I loved the movie The Castle (1997). I think you need to be Australian to fully appreciate it - such a funny movie with so many memorable lines. I always think of poor Darryl when I visit St Joseph's Spirituality and Education Centre at Kincumber where we hold our twice annual scrapbooking retreats.

St Joseph's Boys' Orphanage was founded by Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph in 1887 when they took 22 homeless boys from Sydney to live at the Kincumber site. For 89 years it was a shelter for homeless children, with thousands of boys, and later girls, passing through its doors. After the Home closed in 1976, St Joseph's became a centre for retreats, group gatherings, workshops, seminars and reflection days.

It's a beautiful spot - no doubt about it; there's an inner peace about the place that is hard to describe. The tension of everyday life seems to melt away as you walk around the grounds, taking in the glorious views and peaceful nature of the grounds. I always return from Kincumber rejuvenated and with a newly found appreciation for life. Yes Darryl - I feel the serenity.

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