04 September 2009

Reality calling ...

Christopher has become quite good friends with a girl from his swimming and we have been taking her to the swim club meetings on a Friday night. Last week I could not help but smile at the conversation in the back seat on the way home. The two of them were busy telling each other jokes when Karrah said.

K - My brother tells really bad jokes.

C - Oh I know what you mean. My friend Kyle at school tells the worst jokes. He tells this one about a cow going into a bar; it's terrible but he thinks it's really funny. Proceeds to tell K the joke.

K - You're right Chris - it isn't funny.

C - No it's not but Kyle rolls around laughing his head off and I say "Kyle ! It's not funny".

K - Yeah well you're right Chris, it isn't.

C - I think its reality.

K - Yep its reality all right.

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