01 July 2010

It was a challenge ...

I have been working hard the last couple of weeks - thanks mainly to Peta who inspired me with a blog post a while back about the virtues of doing layouts for challenges.  She's a really busy girl - runs a scrappy business from home, raises four children as well as working and I figured that if she could find the time and incentive to do this why on earth couldn't I?  So I did.  I did 13 layouts for 13 challenges - I may not win anything and that really doesn't matter because I didn't do it for that reason - I did it as a challenge in itself and because I've been feeling a bit flat lately - I was thinking I was losing my scrapbooking mojo.  Doing the layout challenges was fun, it was inspiring and I'm happy to say I don't feel flat anymore. Thanks Peta for the inspiration.

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