17 August 2010

Flowers and Feminine wiles ...

When I saw the first challenge for this month on Scrap the Boys  I was really stumped as to how to go about this. The challenge was a relatively simple one from Susan ... I don’t know about you but I know I really struggle to put flowers on a boy page so the first challenge for August is to scrap a layout using flowers …to make it a little easier I will allow this one to be of you and your boy/s… Or if you can’t come at flowers …scrap about their feminine sides… or if you are feeling very clever… use both criteria.

 I use flowers a lot on my boy layouts - it's something I don't think looks out of place on a masculine page as long as it is subtle or in the right context. I wanted to be able to use both the flowers and the feminine side criteria but couldn't think of a single set of pictures I have left unscrapped that fitted the bill. My favourite funny "girly" layout is this one I scrapped some time  ago so I really had to put my thinking cap on to find photos I could use.

Eventually I gave up trying to locate photos of embarrassing dress ups, makeup sessions, high heel adventures and concentrated on the everyday and some of the things Christopher does that show the softer side of his personality - his love of cooking being one.  And this is what I came up with ... Baking Gingerbread Men at Christmas.  I used paper that was festive in feel but not over the top "Christmas" and teamed it with the more traditional red trimming and flowers that gave an impression of poinsettia's. 

The second challenge this month was to use ribbon on your boys layout.  I'm afraid I really ran this to the wire time wise so opted for the simple approach of using ribbon in strips to highlight the set of pictures. 


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