14 August 2010

Mistaken identity ...

Saw the funniest clip on the news last night.  There was a piece about children visiting the Botanical Gardens in Sydney on a nature hunt - they had a long list of insects, birds and plants to try and find for a school unit on bio-diversity.  Of course it was hilarious as children all seem to think that the faster you do something the more successful you are at it which we all know, from the wisdom of years, is not exactly accurate.  There was one particular grab of two girls standing by the pond, clutching school notes to excited chests as they proudly  proclaimed quite loudly they were on the look-out for a "Dusty Moron" - I'm secretly chuckling as the TV reporter tactfully tells then that perhaps they were trying to locate a "Dusky Morehen" instead !!!   Ah the innocence of youth.

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