12 August 2010

A strange sense of dejavu ...

John is a "Top Gear" fan - in fact the whole family is.  We have all of the released DVD's of the show, most of the books written by Richard Hammond, James May and  Jeremy Clarkson and avidly watch and tape each TV series as it airs.

John has received his fair share of these as birthday and fathers day gifts but there has been the occasional spontaneous "walking through Dymocks" purchase.  That was how we came to get the paperback version of "As You Do" by Richard Hammond a couple of months back - reduced from $49.95 to $10 on the bargain table.

"Do you have this one?" I ask.

"No - not that one" came the reply.

It comes home and is placed on his bedside table - John is what I would call an on again / off again book reader - he does it in fits and starts, alternating between huge computer manuals for work, magazine and newspapers.  So fast forward to this week and he's about 200 pages in of the 314.

I'm in our bedroom on Tuesday, moving, throwing and sorting through drawers and cupboards.  I have a stock pile of books, magazines and newspapers from his bedside bottom draw ready for John to put away or trash as required which I ask him to do that evening before bed.  And what do you suppose he rather sheepishly discovers? - yep the hardcover copy of "As You Do" neatly bookmarked at page 186 which is where he must have gotten up to the first time around with it.  I ask him how on earth he could get so far into the book without realising he had already read it?

"I thought it was vaguely familiar" he said.

MEN !!!!

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