19 January 2012

OhLife - making journal entries a breeze ...

Psst - want a great idea for keeping track of entries for project life or your blog?  Like doing a daily journal but never seem to keep it up.  Want a simple, fuss free solution?. 

In 2010 I discovered OhLife and daily note taking suddenly became easier,  well no, in fact it became so dang easy it was ridiculous.

So what is OhLife - Once you set your preferences this nifty little site sends you an email every night (or three times a week or weekly ) asking how your day was.  All you need to do is to reply to it. Simply as that.  All your entries are stored and are super easy to access for future use either through OhLife itself or as your own saved emails.

Check it out. You'll love OhLife like I do.

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