20 January 2012

Right now ...

Right now I'm listening to my daughter chat with her boyfriend on Skype - it's a nightly occurrence, into the wee small hours I might add.  They play joint online games (usually Portal or Portal 2) and you can hear the laughing and squealing as they combat each other and whatever it is you do on portal.  She worked tonight so they didn't get online until after 11pm.

Right now it's humid, the last few days have been the warmest we have gotten so far this summer - at least it feels that way and it's humid.  makes me realise how much I hate the humidity, it's draining and uncomfortable.

Right now it's 11.57pm - yep it's late but I know if I go to bed now I'll just toss and turn and turn and toss for what will seem like hours so I've been trying a different tactic of pushing myself to stay up later (like til 1.30, even 2am) and then go to bed - at least then I fall to sleep reasonably quickly.  Guess it's sorting out which is the lesser of the two evils.

Right now I'm thinking of the extremely long list of things I really need to get done.  It's a toilet roll of a list and every day I seem to tick off one or two items and add in five or six more.  I don't have enough hours in a given day but I'm not letting it defeat me - it gets done, it gets done - if it doesn't, I'm OK with that too.

Right now I'm allowing myself to be just a little excited by the prospect of heading to New Zealand for Autumn Escape scrapbooking retreat in April.  Booking the airline tickets last night sort of made it feel real and being able to spend a week there this time is just plain awesome.

Right now it's good - all good - hope it stays that way.

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