01 January 2013

Welcome to 2013 ....

A new year - time to reflect on the past and look to the future.  I'm not one for making resolutions but I do think we should all ponder over what we need to do for the coming year. 

For me this year I'd like to focus on getting healthy and being healthy.   I need to eat better, concentrating on wholesome and nutritious food - more fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking more water.  I need to try to lose some unwanted kilos.  I wan to keep at the gym at least 3 days a week and try to walk a little more in between.

I need to stress less. As I like to say "Don't sweat the little things" and I need to listen to myself more  on this topic.   I need to take each day at a time and be more realistic in my expectations. I need to relax more - do the things that I like to do to lower the pressures of everyday life.   I want to continue to read, to meditate, to listen to my favorite music, to go out with friends and to do enjoyable activities that matter to me and stay away from those negative “influences” that can ruin my day!

I want a better relationship with my daughter.  I want to listen more and say less. 

I want to enjoy and work on my passion - scrapbooking.  I need to do what makes me feel happy, creative and contented.

I'd like to learn in 2013 and acquire a new skill. Last year I decided I would join a book club and try mediation and I did and enjoyed both.  I intend to continue on with these.  This year I'd like to explore my digital scrapbooking and take it to another level.  I need to develop and make use of it.

This year I need to clear my house and unload if of unwanted stuff. I need to declutter my life and the lives of those under this roof and I need all of us to feel good about it!

I need to spend better time with the ones I love - family and friends. Life is too short - we need to enjoy each other’s company while we can.  We need to do the unexpected, talk about things that make us all laugh and smile and do spur of the moment activities.  Each day is a blessing and I want to enjoy every single moment of it.

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