29 January 2013

Childhood Memories - Week 04

Stories and words

It’s the last day of the month and it’s time to focus on something perhaps a little more light-hearted about our early childhood days.

I think all of us would have a favourite anecdote or story about ourselves, one which has been handed down by our parents or grandparents. Nine times out of ten these amusing tales would be an awkward or embarrassing moment and parents, both young and old, seem to delight in telling these wonderful little titbits in the most humiliating manner possible. Perhaps you might even recall when you said or did something inappropriate at the time but is now amusing when looking back at it. Kids after all say and do the darnedest things.

Children!! W C Fields wisely advised against working with them and good old Bill Cosby had a very successful and extremely funny television show based on the things they say. Out of the mouths of babes comes.... well just about anything, at any time, really.

It doesn’t seem to matter what age bracket you belong to, kids have been saying the funniest things for generations. They say them when you least expect it and when the mood takes them. They will say them loudly and quickly and there are many, many times when those around them have wished they hadn't said anything at all.

Take the time when my mother and I were shopping in the crowded local department store in my hometown. I was about 4 and was a real chatterbox back then. I talked incessantly, asking questions and making comments all the time – my poor mother didn’t get a minutes peace. We were in the haberdashery department and my mother was preoccupied rummaging through a bargain bin of fabric off cuts when I spot something. I desperately want to tell my mother about it but she’s not looking at me. She has her back turned and is bent over the material. So I start tugging on the back of her dress and silly Mum ignores me saying “just a minute dear” but I need to tell her now so I tug harder and faster until I can contain myself no longer and at the top of my voice I say "Mummy!! That man has NO HAIR." Pause for effect. "SEE ... (pointing) … he has NO HAIR on his HEAD".

So do you have an amusing anecdote or story you might like to share about something you said or did as a child.




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