03 April 2013

Some Archi-scraps inspiration ...

We are going all spooky for April ..

The extra criteria is chipboard
 Think gothic towers,haunted castles,halloween,spooky things like bats, spiders,mummies,the Addams Family or the Munsters.


It is important that you keep in tune with the picture, random entries that bear little resemblance to the topic won't be judged.

Here is my take ...

This inspiration building certainly had a sinister air about it. I ran with that theme and thought, what can be more foreboding than black ravens at the Tower of London where so many cruel and heartless acts were carried out in centuries past in the name of the English throne?  Legend has it that should the ravens ever leave the tower then the kingdom will fall.   I used a brick template to ink the background of my page in several colours based on the foundation piece of notebook paper I used, then inked over the top with a number stencil.  Several pieces from an old transparency sheet fitted my theme perfectly.  I added in some inked chipboard and a few other finishing touches and voila!

Upload your layout in the linkitz area on the Archi-scraps blog by 30th April to win.

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Julie J said...

That's a great photo. We went the The Tower at Easter