15 July 2013

How sweet it is ...

Scrap the Girls is using a song title (either as a title or part of the journaling) for their July challenge. 

I've actually done a layout I have been wanting to do for a long time.  It's the perfect way to use up some of those tiny scraps of patterned paper (and Lord only knows I had plenty of those in my scrap basket).  It's also a great way to put small leftover embellishments to good use - like those solo things left in packets, odd buttons, little bits and pieces of chipboard and flowers.  I have a tendency to pull out a lot of different items when creating and if there are small items remaining after the layout is called "done" they go into a small container which sits on my table - it's a veritable treasure trove of "little" odd things!
This is my then baby daughter at a whole six weeks of age.  The quote worked well as having her was certainly a sweet experience and being loved by her a wonderful and precious gift.
I am actually really thrilled with this layout.  It works for me and I feel extra great knowing that container is now a little less full than it was!


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