01 May 2014

It's May and it's ARTastic ...

This month on ARTastic in honour of Mother's Day which is celebrated in many countries around the world sometime during May, we present to you  Amarys by Robert Hagan.

Criteria - Mother and child

A little about Robert Hagan

"I’ve been pushing paint around for about 30 years and still enjoy every moment of it- so its still a hobby I guess. My boyhood was spent exploring the rainforests of the Tweed Valley in Australia while stepping around snakes that basked in the midday sun. School was as little bookwork as possible and moments of unconsciousness on the football field. A 16 hour steam train trip to the ‘big smoke’ and 4 years later I graduated from University with a bit of knowledge about history, economics and drinking. Painting started about the same time as I started working and it increasingly challenged the latter as the most relaxing and rewarding way forward. It finally took over and traveling the world followed. A number of great relationships later, 2 fabulous boys and painting in USA, the UK and Asia and the years slipped by. A few books about painting then a glancing shot at a TV series and I’m here!"


Please stop by the blog and check out the gorgeous layouts from the first of our design team - some stunning pages there.  We'd love to have you join us this month and share this beautiful inspiration.

and an update and my page for May ...

I have so few photographs of me with my Mother - due to the cost we just didn't take many when I was little.  I smile when I think of the several hundred images most people in this digital age will take of a single event - my entire babyhood can be found contained within a single packet of black and white photographs.  I guess it just makes each one more treasured.  I've tried to pick up the colours from the painting and replicate that soft, muted feel.

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