15 November 2014

UnstampaBelles for November ...

The November challenge for UnstampaBelles is a construction challenge - not a card challenge - and we ask you to 

Box It Up 

You can either construct something from scratch or repurpose/change something into a receptacle to hold something useful or pretty or both!

the TWIST is.......

.....show us how the box was made!  Show progress photos and add tips - make a photo journal of it!

Here is my contribution -  Christmas Boxes made with Christmas Cards.

We all have them - old cards kept from last Christmas (and the Christmas before that and before that and .... well you get the idea).  Sometimes we figure we will use them to make other cards or for kids craft but if you are anything like me ... well they sit there for years!

So grab one out ...

Cut the card apart (back from front) and draw diagonal lines from corner to corner on the inside of the card.

Now fold the top edge of the card into the center so it touches the X. Crease the fold with a a creasing tool or ruler.  Do this for the bottom and then both sides. 

Cut each corner from the edge of the card along the crease right until it intersects with the horizontal fold.

Fold the two wing pieces in and secure with tape.  Then fold the longer piece over them and secure.  I used tape runner.

Now repeat this process with the back of the Christmas card taking care when you fold in the sides to go slightly past the centre X (2mm) so the bottom becomes a little smaller so you can fit the top of the box over it.

Place some tissue into the base of the box (or alternatively you could cut a square of patterned paper and line the bottom) and use it for small items such as jewellery, ornaments, toiletries, sweets and chocolates.  Decorate with ribbon, lace, twine (whatever you like) and add a gift card and hey presto one little gift box.

**Remember the bigger the card you use, the larger the box when completed and vice versa.

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Dale Tiernan said...

Clever and something I would not have thought of. Of course, it's ideal as it's already Christmas themed and recycles.