24 January 2010

Two boys ...

Christopher has just had 5 bliss filled days with his best friend Ayden. He was in heaven as the family moved all the way to Melbourne last January and CJ was bereft. It has been a rough 12 months - with almost weekly phone calls of hours in duration. He's coped and I've been proud of him as they were (are) such great pals. So having Ayden here for a couple of days and then him joining the Cook family for a couple more at a caravan park an hour north of here was a dream come true. It was hard saying goodbye again and a few tears were shed. Hopefully we can make the trip down to Melbourne for a return visit sometime this year.
Oh and in case you are wondering ... they made themselve a "cubby" out of doonas and blankets. Appartently it makes playing the playstation all the better !!

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