23 January 2010

Some Paula inspiration ...

I posted this today over in Get Teased on Get It Scrapped!

Just wanted to share with you a bonus 6x8 template. Paula Gilarde first showed me how versatile using this technique can be in her hybrid challenges. She uses small templates quite frequently in her wonderful work. Now I use these styles of templates a lot in my own hybrid (and digi) layouts. It's a really quick and easy way of getting a layout together with minumum of fuss. I simply set up the template with my pictures and have it printed as a normal 6x8 photo at the lab. Then it is just a matter of placing it on your page. I also like using up strips of patterned paper - putting them across the page underneath the picture print is another simple technique that can cut down time and waste; just make some of them different widths. Add a title and a few extras and presto - a layout produced in record time. If you want to use the pictures individually and place them on your layout in a different manner, it is still an easy task to just cut them apart. You don't have to have them as 6x8 you can rotate the template to make it 8x6 or create them up to any size and combination that you like.

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