22 January 2010

The Street Where You Live - MY 12 month class

I'm so happy to be teaching this class.  I think we are all going to have a wonderful time getting to know each other and discovering new and exciting things about our neighbourhoods and communities right across the world.  Prepare for a fantastic 12 months.  I am SO looking forward to this and am looking forward to meeting everyone on Get It Scrapped! on the 25th.

"The Street Where You Live"

In a free, year-long online class with Jane Howden, use sketch bundles, digital templates, prompts, inspiration pieces, and challenges to take a fresh look at your community and get your "neighborhood" scrapbooked. Whether you live in suburbia, a rural community, a large city, the southern or northern hemisphere, Jane wants to take you on a year-long journey of discovery and documentation of your daily life outside of home.

· Understand the wider picture of how you fit into the place where you live.

· Think about how you interact with the people sharing that common ground on a daily basis.

· Discover new ways to see familiar sights.

· Consider the history of "hometown" life.

· Share your thoughts, reactions, ideas and questions in the class forum.

· Share your pages and projects in the gallery.

· Make a 24-page album to treasure. how to participate in this free class

1. Register and log in to the Get It Scrapped Forums.
2. Scroll down to the "Current Classes" category of the forums. Select the "Street Where You Live Forum" and then, within that, the "Welcome" subforum and say "hi!" Tell us where you're from and see who else is participating.
3. On Monday, January 25th (and on the 25th of each month in 2010), log in to the forums and come to the "Street Where You Live/Blackboard" forum. Look for a post from Jane. Open it and you'll find her link to the lesson, which will be in a pdf file--you'll read this with Adobe Reader.
4. Talk about what you're doing. Share your layouts in the class gallery!

Here's to a year of getting your neighborhood and community onto the page and into an album to be treasured.

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