08 January 2010

Random pieces ...

* I'm tired - didn't sleep well last night; tossed and turned and couldn't settle - now I just want to crawl into a corner somewhere and sleep ....yawn.....
* It's Day 7 of January and I am yet to do a single scrap layout - man that's slack. I even sat in my craft room the other night looking at a pile of scrap supplies willing myself to do something but just couldn't get the creative juices flowing.
* Got "Back to School" stuff in the junk mail yesterday. Heck - it's the first week of January people !! they don't go back until the 28th.
* Couldn't believe my eyes when I did grocery shopping last night. Hot cross buns for sale and in the confectionery aisle we have Easter eggs - OMG Easter is in APRIL.
* Rachel is "cleaning" out her room - sure she is! More like she sits on the computer and looks at the gathering pile of crud build up around her. It will take over the world soon.
* Christopher is in the kitchen making a packet cake on his own. He did one with Grandma last week and she basically only supervised him so he tells me today he can do it himself and so far he has.
* Rachel worked last night. She still hadn't rung to tell us to collect her by 11.30pm which was really unusual. It ended up about 11.50 when she got home; one of her longest nights I'd say.
* Hot and humid yet again; think I might just go for a dip in the pool. That might wake me up.

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