11 June 2011

5 things ...

We have had the most deplorable weather this past week I just had to list the five things that were needed most to survive the tremendous downpours and teeming rain that came down in sheets every thirty minutes or so.

Umbrella - goes without saying a total must have even just to go to the letterbox.

Gumboots - ever found sinking into several inches of rain sodden grass a pleasure - No?  well gumboots are the answer.

Windscreen wipers - yep had them going non stop on nearly every car journey - some days it was hard to see out the windscreen even with these little beauties on at full pelt.

Slippers - along with the rain came the cold and the old tootsies felt it the most on the -degC mornings.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows - enough said!

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